The Provincial Nominee Programs

To achieve the PR status, you need to meet the eligibility requirements for Canadian immigrants. If you want to earn the PNP status, you will need to look over the state's eligibility requirements (which can vary significantly). Each state can have different eligibility criteria, which involve certain factors such as age, qualification, credentials, work experience, etc. If you are applying through the Express Entry program, here is the list of factors that'll decide your CRS score.

Alberta Provincial Nomination Program

Alberta PNP

This is one of the most famous Canadian Immigrant programs, in which, the government sends the Expression of Interest to the Alberta province. The authorities then select the candidates based on their Express Entry score. The selected candidates are nominated for the Canada PR Visa. The selection largely depends on your qualifications and eligibility. The candidates who manage to score the minimum qualification score are shortlisted from the Express Entry Draw. The best part is that an extra 600 points are added to their Express Entry Profile, increasing their chances of getting selected for the PR visa nomination.

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British Columbia  Provincial Nomination Program

British Columbia PNP

British Columbia is one of the developed states of Canada therefore it is the hotspot destination for skilled migrants from all over the world. Thousands of skilled applicants apply for the British Columbia PNP program but a handful of them are selected, those who meet all the eligibility requirements of British Columbia. In the year 2016, a new scoring system was introduced by the British Columbia authorities to make it an easy pathway to skilled individuals in Canada. An applicant needs to meet the special eligibility criteria set by the British Columbia immigration authority apart from other eligibility criteria to apply for permanent residency.

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Manitoba  Provincial Nomination Program

Manitoba PNP

Provincial Nominee Program is the easiest and fastest approach for Canada Immigrants. People who are planning to find a job in Canada and settle down in the country for good can opt for the Provincial Nominee program to submit the application and get quick approval. The Canadian government allows each province to select candidates from international countries to cater to their work requirements. As the name implies, Manitoba PNP is designed for the candidates who plan on relocating to the Manitoba state in Canada.

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Nova Scotia  Provincial Nomination Program

Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia Island lies on the south-eastern coastline. Basically, it is a state in Canada that consists of Cape Preton Island, Nova Scotia Peninsula, and other such wonderful islands. This state of the ocean in Canada is a lovely place for beach-lovers. The capital city of Nova Scotia i.e. Halifax is famous for the world-famous ocean-based organizations such as Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Over the past few years, the state has received plenty of immigrants from all over the world. The immigration rate in Halifax has seen major growth. Let's have a look at the reasons driving immigrants to this charming province in Canada

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Ontario  Provincial Nomination Program

Ontario PNP

Ontario is the blend of Canada's cultural, art, political, and social aspects. People from different walks of life intend to settle down in Ontario. The province receives immigrants from different corners of the world. Ontario is famous for its establishments, financial institutions, education system, and other industrial units. According to the research, 40% of the total Canadian population lives in Ontario.

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Prince Edward lsland  Provincial Nomination Program

Prince Edward lsland PNP

In the past 15-20 years, we have witnessed a growth in the rate of migration to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Even though it happens to be the smallest state in the country, Prince Edward Island welcomes its immigrants with plenty of career opportunities. All the skilled and talented workers who are passionate about their jobs can migrate to this province and settle in this beautiful Canadian town for good. In this post, we've shared the best ways to apply for the permanent residency visa for Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Service

Quebec Skilled Worker

As if you are not able to get direct entry to Canada through Express entry, you can approach the Quebec Provincial Nomination program to get permanent residency. The QSWP is completely different from other provincial nominee programs as the province has its own eligibility and selection criteria.
Quebec Points Calculator is the way that the applicants can calculate the immigration score and ability to migrate to the region. The applicant must meet the efficient level set by the Quebec immigration department with occupation in demand.

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Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program


The high standard of living makes Saskatchewan an ultimate province for immigrants. The splendid sunrise and sunset views with magnificent skylines are the charm of this Canadian state. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. But that’s not the only city where immigrants prefer to settle down. Another large and wonderful town located in this province is Saskatoon, which also happens to be the largest city famous for agricultural biotechnology. Apart from these popular cities in Saskatchewan, this province has plenty of immigrant-friendly towns that accommodate a large number of tourists from all over the world. Before you select a city to settle in Saskatchewan, let's have a look at the requirements and eligibility criteria to obtain a permanent residency in the city

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Yukon Provincial Nomination Program


If you are interested in living and working in Yukon, the Yukon PNP Program may be for you. Yukon is one of Canada’s fastest growing provinces with cities such White Horse growing at a fast pace. Job opportunities in Yukon are an attractive option for many foreign workers seeking stable, long term employment. It is ideal for people who love nature

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