Nova Scotia – Canada PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) for Immigrants 2021

Nova Scotia Island lies on the south-eastern coastline. Basically, it is a state in Canada that consists of Cape Preton Island, Nova Scotia Peninsula, and other such wonderful islands. This state of the ocean in Canada is a lovely place for beach-lovers. The capital city of Nova Scotia i.e. Halifax is famous for the world-famous ocean-based organizations such as Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Over the past few years, the state has received plenty of immigrants from all over the world. The immigration rate in Halifax has seen major growth. Let's have a look at the reasons driving immigrants to this charming province in Canada.

What Brings Immigrants to Nova Scotia ?

Being home to some of the world's best oceans, Nova Scotia is a gorgeous place with a high- standard lifestyle. Here are the reasons you must consider settling down in this province.

  • Affordable Lifestyle: Even though it offers a high-standard lifestyle, Nova Scotia is one of the few provinces in Canada that’s famous for cost-effective and affordable living. So, if you are running low on budget, Nova Scotia will make an ideal option for your stay in Canada.
  • Healthcare: Like other states in Canada, Nova Scotia offers free basic healthcare services to the residents of the country.
  • Education: Nova Scotia is home to some of Canada's most popular educational institutions and universities. The city offers the best education system for school-goers and graduate students.
  • Employment: As the economy in Canada is at its growing phase, Nova Scotia has plenty of job opportunities for people living in the province. You are going to find many high- paying job offers in the healthcare, educational, and service sectors in this state.
  • Picturesque Attractions: In addition to immigrants, Nova Scotia receives hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the world throughout the year. The state is bestowed with natural beauty in abundance. From crystal clear oceans to lush greenery, Nova Scotia is the tourist’s paradise. People who live here can explore this charming state to its fullest.
  • Family Friendly: Unlike other busy cities in Canada, Nova Scotia offers tranquility with affordable living facilities. It is a family-friendly city. Candidates who are planning to live with their family in Canada can bring their loved ones to Nova Scotia and spend a fun and memorable time together.
  • Diversification: Nova Scotia is crowded with welcoming people who come from different cultures. If you are looking for an interesting experience, migrate to Nova Scotia and get to know diverse cultures and traditions. The state welcomes migrants from different cultures.

What Exactly is the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program ?

Provincial Nominee Program is an alternative to the Express Entry Program (though both are almost similar). Launched by the Canadian provinces, this program intends to attract job- seekers from international countries. Nova Scotia PNP is designed for people who want to settle in this state.

For those who are tempted by the natural beauty, scenic locations, low-cost lifestyle, and best education & healthcare system; Nova Scotia PNP is the easiest approach to obtaining Canada Residency for up to five years. Not only does it help people settle in Nova Scotia, but this program caters to the fresh and skilled workforce requirements in Nova Scotia. Basically, there are four major programs that are designed to help people get a permanent resident visa for Nova Scotia.

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