Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator 2021

For applying Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) for Canada immigration, the applicant first needs to check the eligibility of immigration points needed by the province of Quebec for in taking the skilled overseas migrants. The Quebec points calculator helps to calculate the score needed to apply QSWP. The factors to apply for QSWP includes age, work experience, language proficiency, education and other factors. As if you are applying as a single applicant you need to score total of 50 points and if you are applying with your spouse or partner you need to score 59 points.

Quebec Skilled worker program

As if you are not able to get direct entry to Canada through Express entry, you can approach the Quebec Provincial Nomination program to get permanent residency. The QSWP is completely different from other provincial nominee programs as the province has its own eligibility and selection criteria.

Quebec Points Calculator is the way that the applicants can calculate the immigration score and ability to migrate to the region. The applicant must meet the efficient level set by the Quebec immigration department with occupation in demand.

Apply for Quebec Skilled Workers Program

To apply for Canada Permanent residency visa under Quebec

If you meet the eligibility criteria of the Federal Skilled Workers Program and applied for the Quebec Skilled worker program, you will be issued a Quebec Selection certificate if the Quebec immigration department likes your profile. After receiving the selection certificate you can apply for Canada's permanent residency visa. If you are single, the minimum point’s eligibility is 50 points whereas if you are applying including your spouse or common- law partner you must score at least 59 points.

Quebec points Calculator 2021

The points consider applying for QSWP depend on the skills and the occupations categorized in the NOC which is the National occupation classification. The applicants applied for the occupation which is higher in demand in Quebec are considered prior then the rest of apple the application. This is how the Quebec skilled migration works, apart from this there are other eligibility criteria to which are taken into consideration when assessing the applicant's profile. Here is the rest of the factor on which the Quebec immigration authority assesses the applicant's profile.

1. Education qualification

2. Job offer letter

3. Area of Skills

4. Working Experience

5. Age

6. English/ French Language proficiency skills

7. Relative or friends in Quebec

8. Prior Stay in Quebec

9. Funds

10. Spouse/ Partee in law in Quebec

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