Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Considering the high-standard lifestyle and the first-class healthcare facilities, it isn't surprising to say that most immigrants choose Alberta province to settle down in Canada. Calgary (a city in Alberta) was ranked as one of the top livable towns in the country. Moreover, the state offers plenty of career and work opportunities that make the life of the resident's super smooth and financially stable. In this post, we'll share the best options under which you can apply for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program. Basically, there are two major streams that allow migrants to relocate to Alberta. They are:

1. Alberta Migration Nominee Program
2. Alberta Express Entry System

Alberta Express Entry Program

Under this program, only a limited number of applicants are picked for Canada immigration. The candidate needs to be semi-skilled or skilled in a particular occupation to get approved for the Alberta migration. From the pool of applicants who participate in the Express Entry Program, the most deserving and eligible candidates are shortlisted for the nomination process. On the basis of your Express Entry score, the Canadian authorities will decide whether or not you are the right fit for the immigration.

It is important to note that applying under this stream can be a super challenging task for the applicants. You must look for a professional immigrant service provider who could guide you through the Express Entry profile creation and application submission process. They are usually up-to-date with the latest changes and new rules in the Express Entry system. Their knowledge and experience will help you ensure a smoother application procedure.

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program

This is one of the most famous Canadian Immigrant programs, in which, the government sends the Expression of Interest to the Alberta province. The authorities then select the candidates based on their Express Entry score. The selected candidates are nominated for the Canada PR Visa. The selection largely depends on your qualifications and eligibility. The candidates who manage to score the minimum qualification score are shortlisted from the Express Entry Draw. The best part is that an extra 600 points are added to their Express Entry Profile, increasing their chances of getting selected for the PR visa nomination.

A program is a suitable option for candidates who believe their occupation is in high demand in Alberta. Whether you have employer's support from Alberta or you're applying without strong support from Canada, there are ways to get your application submitted and approved by the Alberta authorities. Let's have a look at the multiple categories that can be used for applying for the Canada PR visa through Alberta PNP.

  • The Strategic Recruitment Stream – Further classified into post-graduate worker category, compulsory and optional trade category, post-graduate worker category
  • The Employer-driven Stream – Semi-skilled workers category, skilled workers category, and international graduate category
  • The Self-employed Farmer Stream

Let’s understand each category in detail.

The Strategic Recruitment Stream

This stream is designed for applicants who have the necessary qualification credentials, skills, and experience in a particular profession along with the desire to live in Alberta, Canada. Basically, the Strategic Recruitment Stream is the best option for candidates who have no support from employers in Alberta. The stream is further divided into certain sub-categories, which are as follows:

Compulsory and Optional Trade Category

Compulsory and Optional trade category is reserved for the candidates with a valid work permit, recognized trade certificate, and Alberta qualification certificate. The category is for foreman, supervisors, managers, and tradesperson. Apart from these certificates, the applicant must possess at least 6 months of experience in a particular occupation. They must have achieved their experience in the last 3 years. Moreover, the candidate should be willing to live and settle down in Alberta Province.

Engineering Occupations Category

This category invites expert engineers, drafters, and designers to apply for Alberta's immigration visa. These were only a few occupations. The engineering Occupations category has 12 occupations. The eligibility requirements to apply through this program are:

  • A desire to live and find a full-time job in Alberta
  • Minimum qualification experience of 2 years in your occupation
  • Educational credentials that meet the job requirements.

The civil and mechanical engineers need to provide a no-objection letter from APEGA.

Post Graduate Worker Category

Students who are studying the post-graduate course in Canadian institutions and working in a Canadian company with a valid work permit are eligible to apply for the permanent residency in Alberta through this program. Here are the eligibility requirements for candidates who plan to apply under this stream:

  • They must have the intention of living and working in Alberta
  • They must have a permanent job offer from the employer-based in this province
  • They must have achieved a minimum of 1-year educational qualifications.
  • They must have an appropriate post-graduate work permit
  • They must be proficient in the official languages of Canada i.e. French and English
  • Their job must fall in the NOC level A, B, O, and C.