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Right from filing of Visa Application to documentation arrangement, abiding by the Permit guidelines and regulations, etc., it all seems quite hectic and tiring for an applicant. However, the Immigration Specialists at ORIS VISAS make it very simple and stress-free for the clients. We not only help you file the Visa Application, but also ensure the regular follow ups, checking of the movement and monitoring of your Visa Application, so that it does not get delayed at any stage and any error can be eliminated fast if there is any.

Permanent residence visa allows permanent settlement of an applicant on the foreign land. As compared to other countries, Canada PR visa is easier to get. Its validity is for five years and offers almost every benefit to its holders like Canadian citizens. After completing three years of stay in the country with PR status, PR holders become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Dependent visa & Spouse visa : Immigrating to your desired country along with family is like icing on the cake. There are some countries like Canada which allow the entry of spouse or dependents of the primary applicant along with them with certain conditions and requirements like proof of relationship status.

Visitor Visa Internship Visa : We deal in many short-term visas like tourist visa, visitor visa, internship visa and more. In general, the maximum duration for short-term visas is six months only. As compared to PR visa, the short term visa has shorter processing time so if you would like to visit any foreign country before permanent settlement, then do apply for these visas under the guidance of our immigration experts.