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Among reasons of rejection of the visa application, improper and incomplete documentation are the prominent ones. Every country has its checklist of documents which needs to be submitted at the right time without any delay. Documents are important to assess or to validate the information provided by the applicants to avoid the chances of immigration of wrong or illegal candidates. There are some cases where culprit or offenders immigrate to other countries to safeguard themselves from the punishment in their own countries. The increasing number of terrorist attacks also makes the immigration department of every country strict about the completeness of documents required for immigration.

So if you are interested in immigrating to a foreign land, then first gather the information on the checklist of documents before initiating the application process. In case, you are confused or need documentation assistance, then our experienced immigration consultancy will help you to understand the eligibility criteria, steps of the process, and documentation required for filing visa application in the desired immigration destination. Hiring a good immigration representative on your behalf helps you in highlighting your right profile in the pool of hundreds and thousands of applications. We have a competent and dedicated team of immigration experts and consultants that guide you about different immigration options according to your eligibility and help you undertake the complete process in a professional and seamless manner. Our primary goal is to cater to the immigration needs of clients to bring their dreams of life successfully.

Some of the key documents for immigration include:

Copy of degree/diploma/certificate: Irrespective of your desired immigration destination, you need to verify your education qualification. In the case of Canada, the immigration department demands the ECA (Education Credential Assessment) report along with copies of completed degree/diploma/certificate.

Personal Documents: It is necessary to submit personal documents like proof of civil status, marriage certificate, photographs, identity card, passport, driving license, and more. These documents give an idea about age, nationality, marital status of the candidate.

Medical Certificate: The medical certificate is required to assess the health condition of the immigration candidate and it needs to submit only when it is being asked. This certificate limits the entry of candidates suffering from any infectious disease.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC): As the name indicates, PCC ensures the entry of only those immigration candidates who have no previous criminal background. It is also one of the most important documents which are required by the country the candidate is immigrating to.

For more information, fill our Technical Evaluation form and check your eligibility now. We will check your eligibility based on the requirements of the immigration program and contact you within 24 working hours. So, remember don’t miss the chance as you are just a step away from fulfilling your dream of settling abroad.